Theodore Roosevelt Expressway
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The Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor is a planned, multimodal transportation corridor including a multi-lane divided highway that will facilitate the efficient transportation of goods and services from Mexico, through West Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma, and ultimately on into Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

Together, the communities along the Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor are becoming the Gateway to trade throughout the nation and with Mexico and Canada. The Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor will provide a vast number of benefits for communities along the corridor. The Trade Corridor will allow for the development of less congested ports of entry along the Texas/Mexico border. In addition, it will provide alternatives to other congested corridors that run through major metropolitan areas. In doing so, the trade between Mexico, Canada, and the United States will continue to dramatically increase and all three nations will continue to see a rise in their regional mobility and economic status.

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