Theodore Roosevelt Expressway
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The News and Events published here are updated frequently and will provide you with the most recent information about the TRE.  

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08/07/2023 Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Update
U.S 85 Continues

08/03/2023 KFYR
KFYR Video

10/23/2022 3rd quarter 2022
Oversized, overweight permitted load number comparisons (2 lane-4 lane), and updated information for US Highway 85, 4 lane construction progress.

04/25/2022 Theodore Roosevelt Expressway 1st Quarter 2022
The Theodore Roosevelt Expressway 4 lane project is going SOUTH!!!!

02/04/2022 Panos: Ready to Go on Highway 85 Prep Done on Watford City to LongX Piece
North Dakota DOT Director Bill Panos said preliminary work necessary to prepare for the widening of Highway 85 to four lanes between Watford City and the LongX bridge are wrapping up, and the department is ready to launch construction work on the project.

01/13/2022 The Theodore Roosevelt Expressway 4 lane project is going SOUTH!!!!
Watford City to the Long-X Bridge Right of Way acquisition has started and should be complete sometime in the summer of 2022.

06/21/2021 UPDATE ON LONG X
Pavement to the Long X, the other 2 Lanes opening soon!! Like Today!!!!

04/17/2021 NDDOT Budget Nears the Finish Line $1.6B Budget Includes Funds for Highway 85
The ND Senate agreed this week with recommendations of a conference committee on changes to SB 2012.

11/08/2020 November Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Report
From the Ports-to-Plains Virtual Board Meeting.

11/06/2020 New Long X Bridge Now Open
The ND Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and local officials celebrated the long-awaited opening of the new Long X Bridge to traffic today.

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