Theodore Roosevelt Expressway
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Budgets are bound to be tight in the coming months, but Gov. Doug Burgum said if the state can come up with the resources to do it, this summer would be a great time to do more road projects.

Burgum said the state is likely to see a reduction in gas tax revenue because people are traveling less, and those dollars support the state's highway fund. But with the economic downturn, the governor believes the state should take advantage of low construction costs.

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Burgum said if the DOT budget falls short, it would be a good time to issue bonds or borrow money for road projects because interest rates are low.

The 2019 Legislature rejected a bonding proposal that was part of SB 2268, a "Corridors of Commerce" bill, that would have provided funds for construction on Highway 85. Burgum said despite that action, there may be alternatives through the Bank of North Dakota that would accomplish the same purpose.

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